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Nexus One dock: Making good use of Bluetooth

The Google Nexus One hasn’t even launched properly in the UK yet, but we’re already looking forward to seeing this elusive dock accessory that has been doing the rumour-rounds.

It went through FCC testing in late December, which revealed some tantalizingly vague details like the inclusion of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and an AV jack that was shown tethered to a DVD player in a diagram included with the FCC report. But other details have been scarce, mostly gleaned from a mistakenly-published YouTube advert, which suggested that the device will retail in the US for $45 (£28).

A keen reader of Android Guys has now had a play with the mythical accessory, and reports that it can simply sit in the dock and play music via speakers connected to the audio port, or it can uses Bluetooth to transmit music to the dock. The Bluetooth connection will work up to 20ft away, and we do like the idea of being able to pick the phone up to either use or change tracks while the music remains uninterrupted. Seems that the clever little dock may even transmit wirelessly to the speakers via Bluetooth. Not too shabby.

By the sounds of things, the dock is almost production-ready, so we’re hoping to see it hit the shelves soon. Perhaps in the UK it’ll be available at around the same time as the handset itself. We can but hope.

Update: Spookily enough, Google launched the Nexus One Desktop Dock later the very same day, so it’s available now through the Google online store.

When the phone is docked, the clock application automatically opens for easy access to weather, alarm clock, slideshows and music – and the 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cable will connect the dock to your speaker system. For $45 (around £28), you can pick the dock up from the Google online store either alone or bundled with the handset itself.


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