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Nexus One UK release date confirmed by the Telegraph

According to the Telegraph, which is based across the road from Google’s UK HQ, the Google Nexus One will launch in April with Vodafone. UK Nexus fans have already been buying the HTC-made device from the US, but without a SIM. If the Telegraph is correct then from April you’ll be able to pick up a Nexus One with a Vodafone SIM but tariffs have yet to be announced and there are no details regarding how much the handset will cost.

Vodafone will not be selling the Nexus One through its site, instead you will need to get it through Google’s phone site. We knew the Nexus One would be out at some point this year but April is later than we expected. With the HTC Desire and Legend about to be released in the UK we’re torn about whether or not it’s worth buying a Nexus One, especially when you consider how good the Desire and Legend look.

[via Engadget]


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