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NFL players launch an official iPhone wallpapers app

Once upon a time, mobile wallpapers were big business. In fact, wallpapers and ringtones were the main things people downloaded to their phones a few years ago, in stark contrast to the apps’n’games fever of 2010.

However, Apple’s iOS 4 is spurring new interest in wallpapers, thanks to the way that the new iOS software lets people choose the background to their homescreens. Yes, you can use your own photos, but some people prefer glossy images of celebrities, scenery or sporting stars.

That’s what the NFL is hoping, anyway. It’s got together with the NFL Players Association to launch an official iPhone wallpaper application. It’s only available in the US for now, and costs $2.99. Users get access to a wealth of logos and photographs to use on their iPhone, with alerts to let them know when new pics are available.

There’s a big list of featured players, and a rating system so you can vote up your favourites. You might wonder why you’d pay for an app rather than simply scout about the Web for pics you can download for free, but the official nature of the NFL Players Mobile App means it should find a decent audience willing to pay.


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