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Ninjump: Wall-jumping, bird-slicing, katana-wielding fun comes to Android phones

If you never managed to get the hang of the wall jump on Super Metroid then Ninjump might be more to your liking. This free fast-paced arcade game has been out for iPhone for a bit and can now be downloaded from the Android Market now.

Sort of like a vertically-scrolling Canabalt with ninjas, the object of Ninjump is to get the highest score possible by scaling the walls of a never-ending building. You tap the screen to leap from wall to wall, swinging your sword as you do. The timing of your jumps is essential; as you pirouette through the air your katana slices any enemies in your path.

On the way you’ll be plagued by rival ninjas tossing shuriken at you, flaming squirrels and dive-bombing birds. Killing three of any of these consecutive critters sees you unleashing a mighty screw attack style move, which’ll make you temporarily invulnerable as well as looking suitably badass.

Your scores are added to a Papaya account, which you can set up within the app. Papaya is an OpenFeint style point-scoring system that allows you to make a little custom avatar too. We’re not sure why the Android version comes with Papaya when the iPhone one featured OpenFeint support but who cares – Ninjump for Android is a genius timewaster and its free.


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