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Nintendo 3DS can now record 3D video

Nintendo has released a firmware upgrade for the 3DS that allows you to record 3D video clips as well as take 3D stills using the console’s stereoscopic camera set up. The new update gives you the ability to record 10 minute clips of 3D video from your 3DS, as well as transfer game files between other 3DS systems.

Other additions to the update include the ability to cue up Nintendo eShop purchases to download when your 3DS is in Sleep Mode and the ability to automatically add people you play Mario Kart 7 with online to your friends list.

The free update to System Version: 3.0.0-5U is available to download now. The update should be rolled out automatically as soon as you connect to a Wi-Fi point, if you’ve previously updated your Nintendo 3DS. If not, you can install the update by connecting to Wi-Fi, going to System Settings > Other Settings > System Update. Hit up the source link below for more info.

Nintendo 3DS owners in the UK can make use of The Cloud’s Wi-Fi hotspots for free, so you ought to fine somewhere where you can settle down and get this update installed for nothing. The 3DS also took a price tumble in the UK in August in a bid to boost flagging sales.

Source: Nintendo via TG Daily