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Nintendo 3DS users get free Cloud wifi

SpotPass, the free WiFi service for the Nintendo 3DS, has officially landed in the UK in partnership with The Cloud. From today, 3DS users will have free access to over 5000 WiFi hotspots in restaurants, shops and train stations up and down the country, as part of a service that Nintendo say will “completely transform a trip to the high street.”



Not limited solely to gaming on the go, access to The Cloud will also let 3DS users to browse the web on the handheld’s built-in browser, watch 2D and 3D video from Nintendo Video and download games and software from the Nintendo 3DS’ eShop, finally delivering on promises made at the 3DS launch at E3 last year.


It certainly transformed our lunchtime trip to EAT, which we spent huddled in a corner prodding our way through the 3DS eShop. Logging on was surprisingly hassle free, make sure one of the 3DS’s WiFi channels is free, perform a search and The Cloud appears with an unlocked icon.


Anyone used to using a smartphone will find web pages do take a little while to load, but within a few taps we were browsing the web including

“Nintendo is a fantastic addition to our list of strategic partners and site owners who are making the most of Wi-Fi’s potential to give their customers a better entertainment experience” says Steve Nicholson, Managing Director of The Cloud. “If gamers are going to play outside of their home, it’s essential they have a fast and reliable internet connection. This is what Wi-Fi offers compared to a technology such as 3G, which struggles to handle really rich, data-hungry video content.”

So far, we’ve only had a go with SpotPass’ non-gaming elements, but we’ll take a WiFi connection over ropey 3G gaming any day.


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