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Nintendo planning revamped 3DS?

Games giant Nintendo is planing on revamping its handheld 3DS console, with less focus on 3D and a second analogue controller.

The move comes after the failure of the 3DS to capture the imagination of the public, resulting in poor sales – partly due to the price, but also due to worries from parents over long-term effects of the glasses free 3D technology used on the console.

An unnamed souced allegedly spoke to French website 01net, stating the new console would ‘radically tone down’ the effect of the 3D and probably be called something different.

In addition, the new 3DS will allegedly have a second analog stick controller – something that many gamers felt was missing from the original 3DS.

In fact Nintendo’s engineers are apparently working to develop an additional device that can be used with the 3DS and will cost around $10. Selected developers are already creating titles designed to be played with two analog sticks,

The news comes hot on the heels of a 3DS price drop to just £115 – 50% less than it’s launch price and a huge blow to Nintendo.

 Of course this is only speculation at the moment, although according to mobile games website, CVG: 01net has broken a number of accurate stories about the Nintendo Wii and Playstation Vita. Unconfirmed rumours from elsewhere suggest the handheld will land in 2012.

What do you think about the potential new handheld – perhaps called the Nintendo 3DS Lite – will you be buying it? Or are you going to take advantage of the current price drop and bag yourself a bargain? Let us know by Facebook and Twitter.

Via: CVG, Via: 01Net


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