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Nintendo shuns mobile games

The Japanese games giant won’t produce full-length titles for mobiles, instead concentrating on news and mini-game demos.

If you’re hoping to play with a moustachioed Italian plumber on your smartphone anytime soon, you better take a seat – we’ve got some bad news. Nintendo has pretty much confirmed that it won’t be producing full-length games for mobile, despite recent reports that it’s interested in getting involved.

Nintendo won't be creating brand new full-length games for smartphones

Nintendo is possibly hoping to avoid impacting sales of its 2DS/3DS console and games, but with sales of the Wii U proving highly disappointing, it’s time for the company to start looking elsewhere for a profits boost. Mobile phones are a definite strategy according to a report highlighted on Nikkei, but Nintendo will limit its smartphone content to simple videos, news and mini-games – for now at least.

The mini-games and videos appear to be related to Nintendo’s full first-party games, and are designed to get people buying those consoles and the big new titles. So what do you think – is there a whiff of desperation about Nintendo’s mobile strategy? And would you much prefer to see the Japanese heavyweight produce full mobile games instead?


Source: Nikkei


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