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Nintendo to release 3DS Lite in 2012?

Nintendo could be readying a new smaller ‘Lite’ version of its 3DS portable gaming handset in 2012.

The Nintendo 3DS might not have set the gaming world on fire, but a picture has surfaced in Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy showing a slimmer version of the console, under the heading ‘spring.’

In August we first heard rumours a revamped version of the console, with less emphasis on 3D and the addition of a second analogue controller to appease gaming fans. At the time we even suggested Nintendo should call the console the Nintendo 3DS Lite.

It’s not inconceivable for Nintendo to be planning a smaller and cheaper version of the 3DS, after all the Japanese gaming giant released a light version of it’s original DS in 2006, and in fact the DS Lite proved to be the huge hit, shifting over 17 million in its first year of release and over 89 million in total.

The Nintendo 3DS has failed to capitalise on the success of previous consoles. It had a price cut to £115 last summer and looking online now, you can pick one up for around £140. This is mainly due to competition from smartphones, mainly the cheap, diverse and ever increasing titles available.

Of course, this is purely speculation at the moment, but if Nintendo could release a new handheld and it (and we’re speculating here) broke £100 mark, it could have a hit on its hands. Would you buy a Lite version of the 3DS? Let us know below or via Facebook and Twitter.

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