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Nit-witter iPhone app does your tweeting for you

Lazy is ordering takeaway three nights a week because you can’t be arsed to cook. Lazy is catching a tube to go one stop in central London. Lazy is not knowing what Sunday morning looks like from anywhere other than your bed. But really lazy? Really lazy is getting an iPhone app to do your tweeting for you.

That’s what a new app called Nit-witter is all about. “Are you one of the many millions of people who just have no earthly idea what to tweet?” its App Store blurb asks. “If so, this is the app for you!” Indeed.

The idea is that when you fire Nit-witter up, it’ll give you a suggested tweet to publish. The app is free, although its developers say they’ll try to “squeeze a buck out of you” once you’re using it, to get the really good tweets. It’s like an automated, un-romance-driven Cyrano de Bergerac for tongue-tied Twitter users.

We’d like to see them expand it to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, mind.


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