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‘No dual-core superphone. Yet.’ says Blackberry CEO.

“Battery life, size, weight, thickness, cost” constraints mean that Blackberry fans may have to wait a little longer before RIM announce their super smartphone offering.

While Motorola, and the rest, announce smartphones packing power closer to tablets and laptops, the company is being careful before rushing into the dual-core superphone race.

RIM CEO, Michael Lazaridis, mentioned in an interview to PC Mag, that although dual core processors were part their own tablet, the forthcoming Playbook, it would be a while before we’d see similar power in their phones.

When is a Blackberry not a blackberry? Well, a dual-core phone may not be Blackberry by name. Lazaridis also mentioned that RIM was currently working on three different ranges, “the BlackBerry communications device, there’s the tablet, and there’s the super phone, the super smartphone.”

Via; T3 , via PC Mag


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