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No fart apps on the App Store? Tell that to Fart Girl…

Apple recently told iPhone developers that “We don’t need any more fart apps” in its iOS guidelines. However, that doesn’t mean every bumwind application is being rejected.

It seems that apps that go beyond simply making fart noises are still A-OK with Apple. Take Fart Girl for instance, a new iPhone game that went live on the App Store this weekend.

The description is, well, er, we’ll let you judge for yourselves:

“Look! What a hot girl over there in the bus stop! A bald man is peeping at her! The smart girl wants farting and she can’t let others notice this, so she has to fart when any vehicles pass by.”

The description also promises “Hot girl, freaky man, cool cars!” Well, it’s a niche. What’s more, the game uses the OpenFeint community to let you share your freaky farting achievements with friends.


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