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NoDo arrives: We update our Windows Phone 7

We’re using a Samsung Omnia 7, which has suffered a few hiccups with updates in the past, but we decided to take the risk, and will show you how to update your Windows Phone 7.

Ours is on Three mobile, but the NoDo update should work the same across the whole WinPho7 range and networks, if the update is being offered.

First, when the update becomes available for your phone-set, you’ll get a little message announcing it. straight to the phone.

You’ll then have to attach the phone to your PC, and launch Microsoft’s Zune software. It’ll take an estimated 22 minutes; and ours took under 20.

Once your phone reboots, copy and paste is yours to wield. The update also includes zsepd up app starts and transfer times between different apps, some bug fixes, and an improved search engine on the Windows Market, where you can buy music, apps and more for your phone.

How do I use copy and paste on Windows Phone 7?

Perhaps because it’s Friday, but we didn’t find the copy and paste function immediately easy-to-use. So here’s a simple step-by-step guide.

Once you’ve found the text you’d like to copy, tap and hold your finger on teh word, and the text will be selected, you can adjust your selection by sliding the the indicators either side of the highlighted text. Then tap on the paper icon above your selection, and you’ve copied it.

To paste, find somewhere to type, like a search box, internet browser or email, and again that little paper icon should be on-screen, tap that and you’re finished.

Next update from Windows Phone 7, we want click-through addresses to Bing maps, please, Mr. Microsoft.


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