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Nokia 105 hands-on photos and video

The Nokia 105 is a new addition to Nokia’s feature phone line-up revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Nokia’s kept a visual tie to its Lumia range, by making the phone in eye-popping cyan as well as black, but the iconic design is instantly recognisable as a Nokia feature phone.

What sets this phone apart from its rivals is the price (it’s just €15) and the battery – which is a whopping 35 days.

Nokia 105 main

The numerical keyboard is splash and dust-proof,  ensuring it can survive the odd drop, making it the perfect phone for holidays or festivals. Above the keyboard are call accept and call cancel buttons, along with a four-way controller for navigation.  

At 1.45-inches the screen is fairly small, but fine for firing out a few texts. It’s also colour screen as well – a testment to how cheap colour screens have become. Weighing 70g it’s light, comfortable in the hand and easy to fit into a pocket.

Nokia 105 keyboard

As a budget feature phone, the Nokia 105 doesn’t include a wide selection of features, although there is a flashlight (perfect for dark nights when you are fumbling for your keys) and a speaking clock. Five games are on-board including Sudoku and in developing countries such as India, Nigeria and Indonesia the phone includes Nokia Life.

We really like the Nokia 105. Priced €15 – approximately £13 – it’s amazing value. Not only is it the perfect size to keep in the car, or slip into a suitcase when you go on holiday, but the 35-day battery life makes it a great back-up phone for those emergencies when your smartphone runs out of juice – which so many of them do before the end of the day. We’ll certainly be buying this as a second-phone.

Nokia 105 back


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