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This €19 Nokia phone can play full colour video

The Nokia 130 is one of the most jaw-dropping feature phones ever to launch, offering full colour video playback for just 19 Euros.

If you’re looking for a secondary mobile to take away on holiday or to festivals, Nokia’s latest feature phone, the Nokia 130, is one hell of an enticing prospect. This smart little phone costs just €19, yet can stream colour video straight from a memory card and boasts amazing battery life.

Nokia launches 130 feature phone which can stream video in colour from an SD memory card

Admittedly the Nokia 130’s 1.8-inch LCD screen isn’t the ideal viewing tool if you’re hoping to take in a movie on the move, and the 160×128 QQVGA resolution (giving 114 pixels-per-inch) won’t exactly handle HD video. But the fact that it can play back full-colour video for an alleged 16 hours, direct from a microSD memory card, means you could feasibly take in an entire season of your favourite telly box show in a day.

There’s also full support for MP3s, a built-in FM radio and Bluetooth support for sharing files.

We already love the chunky design, and if you aren’t drawn to the standard white and black models, there’s a funky orange version that exudes a certain charm. And at just 68.6g, you’ll barely even feel the Nokia 130 in your pocket.

Sadly there’s no built-in camera, but you can’t expect the world for 19 Euros. And at least there’s a flashlight feature for when you’re staggering around drunkenly in some unfamiliar field at 3am.

The Nokia 130 will be available ‘this quarter’, but there’s no word on UK availability just yet. We’ll let you know when we hear.


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