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Nokia 207 and 208 expand the company’s low budget roster

Nokia still hasn’t managed to bring some ultra budget Windows Phones into the world, but its new “affordable” 3G handsets should do the trick for those who want a no-nonsense phone. The company has announced the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208, candybar phones designed to target those who want 3G and social messaging without splashing out on a smartphone.

The specs, of course, aren’t really the draw here. A 2.4-inch QVGA display and 256MB of memory doesn’t sound particularly great, but Nokia is hoping the software will entice eager messaging addicts. Both phones come with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter preinstalled, and you can even stream some videos from YouTube to that tiny screen.

Nokia has also included Exchange support for email, as well as USB tethering. Better yet, both handsets accept a microSIM rather than a full-size variant. If you already own a smartphone and want to use the 207 or 208 as a spare device, swapping the SIM over should now be a piece of cake. The battery life is pretty impressive too: Nokia says these are capable of getting over a month in standby.

The Nokia 207 and 208 will be available in a variety of colours, including red, blue, yellow, white, and black. Best of all, the price for both phones is expected to be just €52 (around £44), and they should be hitting retail stores in the next couple of months.


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