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Nokia 500: New smartphone revealed

Nokia has revealed another smartphone powered by its recently released Symbian Anna operating system, bolstered with a clutch of interchangeable covers.

The Nokia 500 has a respectable 1GHz processor, and the touchscreen is a 3.2-inch model, but Nokia are talking up the 500 as a low-cost full-function smartphone. Don’t let that put you off, as there are some relatively high-end features, like the rear-facing 5-megapixel camera and Nokia’s brand-new Symbian Anna system.

This includes Nokia’s clever Maps app, and access to Nokia’s own app store, replete with games and other downloadable utilities. It’s no Android store, but there’s still plenty of selection and several apps you won’t find yet on Android phones and the iPhone.

The Nokia 500 will be the third new smartphone from the Finnish giant arriving with Symbian Anna, which is also promised to arrive on older Nokia smartphone models sometime this year. Nokia have announced that they’ll be concentrating their smartphone strategy on Windows Phone 7, with its first handset rumoured to arrive in September.

The Nokia 500 has been priced at €150 before taxes. with a release date in black sometime in Q3, with a white version appearing before the end of the year. Nokia has also said that we can expect to get some of those colourful covers in the box, with even more including pink, orange and dark silver coming in the near-future.

With this cheery price and customisable covers, Nokia is tempting its fans into giving their Symbian range one last chance.



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