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Nokia 5230 Ovi Music Unlimited Preview

The Nokia 5230 is a cute little feature phone weighing in at 115g – unfortunately that’s including a stylus which you’ll need for making an impackt on its resistive touchscreen. The handset comes with a rear-facing 2-megapixel camera with 3x digital zoom and a variety of shot modes to play with – unfortunately there’s no flash so we imagine that low-light photography won’t be up to much. 

The 5230 has an array of social networking options and it also features GPS, so you shouldn’t get too lost if you have you phone with you. The Nokia 5230 also claims to have your entertainment needs covered and there’s a microSD card slot that is upgradeable up to 16GB. We will hopefully update you with more information and pictures soon. Sign up to our email service if you would like to be told when the full review goes live.

The Nokia 5230 Ovi Music Unlimited model comes with the additional benefit of unlimited music downloads for a year. These are accessed through the Ovi Music store and you get to keep the tracks even after your year is up. 




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