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Nokia 6600 Slide Review


The 6600 Slide is a stunner; it’s smooth and rounded edges will attract many admirers, and it boasts an impressive display. This is one of the sexiest slider phones we’ve seen in a while.

What we like
The 6600 Slide is impossible to ignore. The sliding mechanism feels reassuringly solid and we like how when the phone is shut and the screen is off, the 6600 Slide reverts to a completely black pebble-like object. We don’t usually make a big fuss about screens unless they’re really big or are OLEDs but the 6600 Slide’s screen is so sharp that pictures taken on the 3.2-megapixel camera look amazing.


Beneath the display sits a distinct blue five-way directional key and underneath the slide mechanism hides an easy-to-use keypad. Continuing the straightforward approach, the 6600 Slide runs Symbian Series 40, which will appeal to you if you’ve only just upgraded from a standard Nokia phone and aren’t ready for a high-end smart phone.

What we don’t like
For all its shininess and reflectiveness, the 6600 Slide is a massive fingerprint magnet. The black reflective casing only serves to make fingerprints and smudges more apparent. Another niggle is that there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in standard headphones but it’s not designed as a music phone, so we’ll let you decide on that one.

The 6600 Slide is a great looking phone aimed at those who aren’t necessarily bothered about features. This is another Nokia classic in the making that encapsulates everything we love about the Finnish company. The 6600 Slide looks good, is simple to use and fits in a pocket nicely. If you’re looking for more then look elsewhere.




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