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Nokia 6700 Slide Review


The Nokia 6700 Slide sits somewhere between a feature- and smartphone; its features and user interface try to punch above their weight in a slim slide-phone design. But with a small screen and keypad combo, can it really compete?

What we like

The design is pretty slick – we like the spacious buttons on the front panel (although we’d prefer if there were less of them) and the slide action is nice and sturdy.

The first time you switch the Nokia 6700 Slide on, you’re greeted with a menu to personalise the handset – from importing contacts to personalising wallpaper and ringtones. We had a bit of trouble when we received a text message halfway through the set up – the setup guide quit and didn’t return.

Using the O2 network, we found that call quality isn’t bad, although we had some minor crackle on the line on two separate occasions.

Homescreen widgets include shortcuts to Facebook mobile and the Nokia Ovi store – browsing the web was generally pretty quick, likewise Facebook and Twitter, but the Ovi Store was really quite slow to load in comparison.

Email set up was quick, easy and painless; just the way we like it. And with the homescreen email widget you can clearly see when you have new email.

What we don’t like

Navigating on home screen isn’t massively easy – with a D-pad and six extra buttons to choose from, it took us quite a while to get the hang of it. Confusingly, the menu button has a little house icon on it – something we’d traditionally match with the shortcut to the homescreen. No wonder we were confused.

Navigating on web pages isn’t as simple as it should be either – we wish the cursor would lock on to the next link each time.

The vibrate function is far too violent – you won’t miss that call but you might as well have had it on ring function.

Although typing could be worse, the keypad is a little cramped and the top line is too close to the slide-panel so we often hit our fingers on it. We wouldn’t like to tap out lengthy emails on this handset, but for quick text messages it does the trick.


The Nokia 6700 Slide isn’t a bad little feature phone – but it has ideas above its station if it thinks it can make it in the advanced smartphone market.

If you’re after a handset which can play media to a high standard, on which you can comfortably write long emails and browse the web – we’re sad to say, this isn’t it. But for casual photography, short messages, checking email and the odd web browsing session, it does a fine job and in a stylish package.




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