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Nokia 7230 Review


Another low-budget handset from Nokia which promises to make sharing pictures, messaging and social networking easy as pie. But with a multitude of low-cost, not-too-hideous and function-rich handsets on the market, can the Nokia 7230 hold its own?

What we like

The Nokia 7230 is quite a sturdy handset and we can’t fault the build quality – it’s nicely put together. The design is pretty bland but it’s not offensive to look at. If you’re into pink handsets, it might please you to learn that you can get the Nokia 7230 in a shocking fuschia pink instead of the regular black and chrome-effect.

With a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the handset, you can use whatever headphones you fancy, and the music player is not half bad although we did find the sound a little muddy. It’s annoying that you can’t access the EQ from within the media player, but the fact that the Nokia 7230 even has an EQ app is a welcome addition.

The handset doesn’t come with a USB connector (although it does have a built-in microUSB port) but you do get a 2GB microSD card pre-inserted which would save you from fiddling around with the back cover, but you do have to insert the SIM anyway.

What we don’t like

Although the Nokia 7230 is indeed nicely built, don’t be fooled; it feels very plastic in your hand. If we hadn’t been controlling the on-screen movements ourselves, we’d have thought it was a dummy handset.

There are a few niggling annoyances on the Nokia 7230. For starters, the font seems huge on the screen; we’re not sure why it needs to be so large but will concede that this is probably a welcome feature for those with poor eyesight. There is a camera shortcut button on the side of the casing – but if you choose not to use that, the camera launch is hidden away in the Apps folder. In addition, the handset lacks a physical volume control – a big minus for any handset with built-in music player.

The select, call and end buttons on the front panel are very difficult to press and take some real pushing before they’ll register properly, which would be a real pain for those in a hurry.

With just 3.2-megapixels to play with, the camera is certainly nothing to write home about and doesn’t offer much in the way of shooting options.


If it’s a basic yet sturdy handset you’re after then you could do a lot worse than the Nokia 7230; like all basic Nokias before it, it excels at calling, texting and generally being easy to get to grips with.

But for anything more complex, the 7230 is not your best bet; although it can handle things like social networking, internet browsing, internet and media playback, it does so inelegantly, at low speeds and on a relatively small screen.




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