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Nokia 800 photos reveal camera details

It seems with every passing day there’s yet another leak for the Nokia 800, and with Nokia World set to kick off on Wednesday (hopefully with the big reveal), now we’re seeing some sample shots from the camera.

Most have already been pulled from the Flickr account they were originally uploaded to, but the juicy details extracted from the EXIF data are eternal. So what’s the skinny?

The lens aperature comes in at f/2.2, identical to the N9, and the phone seems to be running Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango. No surprises there then, and the case for this simply being an N9 running Windows Phone has never been stronger.

The most interesting piece of information gleamed from the EXIF data though is the name of the phone: the Nokia Lumia 800. Could this be the launch name for the device?

Head on over to the source if you want to take a peek at the photo quality, although you’d better hurry before they’re all pulled. Or you could just wait for the inevitable reveal tomorrow. Just sayin’.

Source: The Nokia Blog via TechRadar