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Nokia 801 aka N8-01 ‘leaked’ on a Nokia 700 video. What’s in a name?

When is a hands-on demo not a hands-on demo? When the phone that’s being filmed is playing a video, showing off a different unannounced phone, that’s when. This one has been all over the interwebs this weekend but it’s worth another look, if only for the novelty of how this phone was ‘spotted’.

Seen on a Symbian Belle-running Nokia 700 courtesy of, the so-called Nokia 801 looks to have an edge to edge screen and a brushed metal front and bottom where the control keys are housed.

Not much else is shown about the phone, other than it looks like its compatible with some kind of wireless speaker system that works with Nokia Air Cloud. That screen appears to have a curved glass cover, bringing to mind the Nokia N9 and the Sea Ray.

The 801 is thought to be a new name for the Nokia N8-01, which has been rumoured to be in the works as early as April.

Though details on the ground are flaky for this phone its rumoured to have a 960 x 540 qHD display and an NFC chip, as pretty much all of Nokia’s recent Belle phones have come with.

NFC capability is hinted at in the video as well; the phone is tapped against a circular reader, which appears to then transfer a song into the audio unit.

We could see how a phone previously called the N8-01 could be renamed 801, it appears to fit into Nokia’s new naming scheme. Then again, it could be a totally different phone. Come Nokia World next month we should know, one way or another.

Source: Phone Arena via GSM Arena


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