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Nokia 808 PureView 808 accessories: hands-on photos

Over the last few days we’ve been spending time in Stuttgart visiting the Carl Zeiss factory. The purpose of our visit was to try out the Nokia 808 PureView. Nokia’s latest handset running Symbian and equipped with a 42-megapixel camera.

We were blown away by the 808 PureView, describing it as ‘smarter than your average phone and even smarter than your average camera.’

As well as trying the phone we had some hands-on time with some of the accessories, including the tripod mount, portable charger and hard case.

The tripod mount enables the Nokia 808 PureView to be used with any regular tripod. It holds the phone in a horizontal position for shooting blur-free movies and still photographs, a feature especially useful in low-light.

The Nokia 808 PureView’s on-board flash has twice the power of the Nokia N8. This will take its toll on the battery, so the colourful charger is portable enough to take anywhere, yet provides a full charge.

Finally there’s the hard case, protecting your 808 PureView.

Nokia Tripod Mount HH-23

The tripod mount screws into the top of a standard tripod, providing a tight grip of the phone in a horizontal orientation.

Nokia Portable Charger DC-16

Design to fit into your pocket, the DC-16 inclues a 2200 mA lithium battery that can fully charge the PureView. The cable is removable and can charge any devcie with UBS charging,  recharge the DC-16 using the standard USB ports. Available in pink, blue, black and white, it includes an LED indicator displaying the charging status.

Nokia Hard Cover CC-33046

Nokia has released a protective hard case for the PureView and is available in black and red. To touch, it feels thick, yet retains a good grip ensuring the phone shouldn’t slip out of your hands.

Nokia Hard Cover CC-3046

The case includes a shock absorbent lining and tough outer shell, the ports are still accessible, but there’s protection for the lens.


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