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Nokia 808 Pureview Accessories: Hands-on and first impressions

We’ve just got a Nokia 808 Pureview to review and on top of the phone itself, Nokia have included the range of Pureview accessories available to buy in conjunction with the handset. These include a form-fitting case with lens cap, tripod mount, HDMI to micro HDMI converter and the best looking 2300 mAh external charger we’ve ever seen. Clearly Nokia are pooling a great deal of effort into their 41-megapixel camera phone and rightly so – it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

To recap, the Nokia 808 Pureview is a 41-megapixel camera that makes phone calls, or at least that’s how we like to look at it. If you’ve missed the hype dating back from MWC in February right through to our hands-on comparison last month, feel free to spec up and back-track. We have been excited about getting our mitts on the phone, but what we didn’t expect was for Nokia to churn out such a broad line of accessories for the 808 Pureview.

The bespoke case is wonderfully form fitted. The Pureview isn’t particularly small or slim thanks to the deep camera, so it’s a good thing the case doesn’t exacerbate its girth all that much. Despite a Gorilla glass panel protecting the Pureview’s camera, the case comes with a lens cover to protect your prized picture taker.

The tripod mount is a simple piece of spring loaded plastic that offers a screw for a standard sized tripod thread. Open it up and clamp it down on the Pureview in order to get the sharpest, stillest shot possible, with the Pureview offering a timed shutter perfect for tripod use. What’s more, Nokia provided a suggestive Gorilla Pod to use in conjunction with it – great idea.

Also included in the Pureview accessory pack is Nokia’s HDMI to micro HDMI converter complete with cable tidy tubular rubber thingy. Simple, effective and a very long cable which is great.

Finally, our favourite accessory we’ve seen alongside any phone in a long while – Nokia’s stylish Cyan portable USB charger. A simple stick, this dare we say it sexy battery on the go will make the perfect accessory to pretty much any phone out there.

All in all, triumph over at the Nokia camp. Firstly for producing such great accessories and secondly for bundling them in with our 808 review unit. While they won’t affect our review of the phone itself, it will make easier to demonstrate its prowess as a camera, thanks in particular to the tripod mount. Stay tuned for our review of the Nokia 808 Pureview next week and in the meantime, enjoy our unboxing video below.


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