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Nokia 808 PureView price revealed reaches pre-order status in the UK

Online mobile retailer Clove has announced pricing of the Nokia 808 PureView in the UK. Retailing at £538.80 (including VAT), the PureView sits in the upper price bracket for any smartphone currently on the market, but as Nokia would argue this is not without reason.

Despite the number of devices running Symbian having dropped significantly over the last few years, the 808 PureView comes running Symbian Belle. The main hook about this device being it unbelievable 41MP rear camera, a feature which no other smartphone has been able to come close to.

Nokia 808 PureView

As well as the giant camera sensor, the PureView also offers a 1080p HD video recording, features a Xenon flash and there’s also a front-facing camera for good measure.

Unfortunately if Clove’s pricing is an indication of the official price tag for this device in the UK, it works out to be more expensive, although Mobile Fun is selling it for £464.98, while Nokia Italy, has priced the PureView at €599 (£494).

We spoke to Nokia UK to see if they had any further information on the official pricing or launch, but they couldn’t offer any news. We’ll bring you more news when we get it.


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