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Nokia 808 PureView pricing and availability

It has to be said that the awe-inspiring Nokia 808 PureView is more camera than phone. A small but weighty handset endowed with an incredible 41-megapixel image sensor, capable of up to 38-megapixel HDR stills and 1080p HD video at 30fps with Dolby certified audio sounds like a combination not to trifle with. In practise the PureView’s camera really is as good as they say (as you’ll find out in our review – coming soon), but there’s also the fact that it bears the rank of Nokia’s new Symbian flagship, an OS that no longer has a place in the company it previously relied on.

Many have been waiting with baited breath to get their hands on this influential device and the time has come for those people to grab their credit cards and head online. We’ve collated prices from the most popular online retailers currently offering the 808 PureView. Bearing in mind that Nokia is only offering these handsets unsubsidised, the pricing may feel rather steep for many of you, rivalling iPhone SIM-free pricing on the whole, but depending on how strong your desire is for this cameraphone king, it’s here, now and it’s waiting for your inner photographer to get creative.

Nokia 808 PureView

Amazon UK – Nokia is selling the 808 PureView directly through Amazon. Available in both black and white from June 30th, pricing for the white version will set you back £499.94, whilst the black version will cost you 4 pence more at £499.98.

Expansys – Expansys offer the 808 PureView in black, white or red, each for £499.99. They site delivery is typically less than five days. – Play is offering the PureView in white and at £519.99 it weighs in as the second-highest price. Availability opens up from the 2nd of July but you can pre-orders it now.

Clove – The PureView is still on pre-order here and pricing for the white, red and black versions comes in at £504.00 each. The site doesn’t state a confirmed arrival time for handsets.

Google Shopping – A quick check through Google Product Search yielded the highest price from eBay of £545.02 (plus 48.20 postage), whilst provides the lowest price at the equivalent of £399.19 without warranty (an optional 1-years cover for £71.85 extra). Delivery is said to take up to one week.


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