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Nokia 808 Pureview: Unboxing Video and Gallery

Many mocked the Nokia 808 Pureview when it was announced in Barcelona earlier this year at MWC, however in the time since, a fair few folk in the tech and photography communities have gotten down and dirty with it and have warmed to the science behind the 41-megapixel sensor. Yes, Symbian is outdated and no, this phone won’t change that fact. What it will do however is reaffirm Nokia’s position as the mobile camera leaders, packing a sensor that took 5-years to develop and some incredible mobile optics. So you can look at it one of two ways – the Nokia 808 Pureview is an ok phone that takes mind blowing pictures, or, the Nokia 808 Pureview is a one of a kind compact camera that makes calls, packs app support and handles emails relatively well.

So with that, we take you through a guided tour of the Nokia 808 Pureview box contents, complete with pictures and an unboxing video right at the bottom of the page. To quickly summarise though, the Pureview offers a removable back cover and battery, perfect for anyone who might want a spare. Under the battery lies the microSIM card slot and micro SD card slot, with all the ports at the top of the phone. These include a micro USB, micro HDMI and 3.5mm headphone jack. 

The screen of the Nokia 808 Pureview is a 4-inch AMOLED panel with Nokia’s Clear Black technology. This puts it on par with Super AMOLED displays from Samsung with improved outdoor visibility over standard AMOLED panels. The phone is plastic with a ceramic finish and feels very rich to the touch.

Inside the box isn’t anything out of the ordinary. There’s naturally the phone itself and a removable battery. Nokia have crammed some attractive bits of literature with blue line-drawn diagrams for your viewing pleasure as well as ear bud headphones and a wall charger / micro USB data cable. There’s also a slender lanyard you can attach to your Pureview to make it even more camera-esque.

Where the Nokia 808 Pureview really comes into its own is in its array of accessories. We’ve covered these in a great photographic detail here, so enjoy our unboxing video below and jump over to our accessories impressions to round off your Recombu Pureview journey.


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