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Nokia 808 PureView US arrival imminent

One of the highest resolution compact cameras is about to arrive stateside and by camera we mean smartphone and by phone we of course mean the Nokia 808 PureView. The device which has come to be seen as the forerunner for the future of mobile imaging technology, with 1080p HD video recording, Dolby certified digital audio and most notably, a 41-megapixel imaging sensor capable of taking 5, 8 or 38-megapixel stills.

Official blog Nokia Conversations revealed the 808 PureView will be available via The phone has already seen release in regions like India and the UK isn’t far off from seeing availability too.

808 PureView USA

The PureView’s imaging technology isn’t thanks simply to a high megapixel sensor, but the utilisation of the pixels it captures. By oversampling shots, taking several pixels-worth of information and condensing it into a single pixel, this ensures excellent image quality and reduced noise. The growing number of still and video samples can attest to the talents of the 808’s camera module, check out ours here.

It’s the Symbian OS that has rendered the PureView more of an experiment than a next-gen product. Nokia adopted Windows Phone as its new primary OS at the end of last year and as a result, Symbian has been somewhat put out to pasture. The reasoning behind Nokia’s OS choice for the PureView however is the company;s extensive working knowledge of Symbian, which has carried the company for throughout the last few years.

US-based mobile photographers itching to pick up an 808 PureView will be able to nab one for a rather hefty $699, accompanied by an AT&T SIM for full functionality, however Nokia does also state that it’ll work over T-Mobile’s network, although only up to 2G data speeds. You can register your interest here.

UPDATED: We’ve been informed the phone will work at 3G speeds on T-Mobile in the US. Apologies for any confusion. 


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