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Nokia and Heroes creator go experiential with Conspiracy for Good game

Remember back when Heroes used to be good? There were all kinds of clever website tie-ins and search easter eggs which the US audience got to enjoy but were ruined before we got to them. Well, now it’s our turn – Nokia has teamed up with Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, to create a winding, experiential game during which users have fun and end up doing actual good.

The game is based around a website and Ovi Store apps, but also involves elements of interactive theatre, music and alternate reality gaming. Alternate reality gaming, which is basically using a real-time narrative and multi-media elements as part of the unfolding of a storyline, has a long history of being a sneaky and fun way to market products – Nokia has used it before, as did the Blair Witch Project and Heroes.

The story of Conspiracy For Good goes back decades, with members quietly doing good around the world; but now an attack from a London multi-national (the fictional Blackwell Briggs) is damaging their good doing ways. The game sees CFG recruiting new members to ‘read the signs’ and bring down the baddies.

Participants can get as involved as they want – from staying tucked safely away behind their computer screen or mobile phone, or go as far as to take part in full on physical gaming in London (during July and August).

It’s really an excuse for Nokia to show off the potential of Ovi apps – with examples including Exclusion and Mainframe Liberator which can be used to unlock codes to confidential websites. Better known is Ovi Maps which will help players discover clues in the real world.

“I believe that storytelling has the power to create positive change in the world,” said Tim Kring. “Audiences today want to be more involved in stories. Our goal with the Conspiracy for Good is to entice, engage and inspire the audience to drive real-world change through their participation in a narrative.”

Joining with like-minded players, you’ll end up fighting the forces of social and environmental injustice in the real world as well as the game. To get involved, check out the quick recap of the story so far below and visit to sign up.



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