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Nokia announces Lumia Black update for full WP8 Lumia family

The Nokia Lumia Black update has started rolling out to every Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia internationally.

Nokia has announced that the Lumia Black software update will be available for Nokia Lumia WP8 owners all around the world, and comes with new features, improvements in imaging, new apps, and of the obligatory behind-the-scenes tweaks and big fixes.

One of the main components to the Black update is an improvement to the imaging experience, including a boost in camera performance. The update includes Nokia Storyteller, the Nokia Camera app, and the latest imaging algorithms. Nokia Storyteller arranges your photos by date and by location using HERE Maps and as you assemble an album from a particular event, you start to build a ‘story’.

The Nokia Camera app meanwhile, is a combination of the Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera applications. This simplifies the photo-taking experience and helps users utilise all sorts of advanced photography tricks, even giving the most basic Lumia 520 Smart shooting modes. A new oversampling algorithm is also present, which ensures images look more natural as your device will be able to better handle noise. Overall, the image quality in every picture you take should be improved.

For the first time on Windows Phone apps can now be nested into folders on your start screen using Nokia App Folder, adding another layer of personalisation without ruining the clean, tile aesthetic. Speaking of screens…

We’ve already seen Nokia Beamer on the likes of the Lumia 1520, but now it’s available across the whole Lumia range. You can beam anything you like to any HTML5-enabled screen by scanning a QR code on the screen or to another Lumia device using a simple web-link.

HERE Drive+ receives a new safe driving mode, which cuts out distractions when you’re behind the wheel and users can now set customised ringtones for each contact. Not a fan of your mother-in-law? Just change her ringtone to the Jaws theme and you’ll have plenty of time to brace yourself next time she calls.

Whilst your Lumia handset should notify you when the update is available you can check manually by heading to Settings > phone update > check for updates.


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