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Nokia Belle update: Not available on all networks, check yours here

The Nokia Belle update has started to roll out, bringing the latest version of Symbian to users with a Nokia N8, E7, C7, X7, E6, C6-01 and Oro. While word of the update spread like wildfire yesterday (7 February 2012), there have been a few disgruntled Nokia users across forums complaining about not being able to update on their device.

For anybody who’s handset isn’t updating, it’s well worth scoping out this update checker tool. Just select your country and the tool will tell you whether your handset is ready for update with variables such as network operator being a key decider in your phone’s updatability. This should determine whether your next course of action is to wait patiently, complain on Nokia forums or indeed flash the Belle update onto your phone manually, thus voiding your warranty if it is still valid, but more to the point running the risk of bricking your phone.

Other than an inability to update, most first impressions of the Nokia Belle update have been extremely promising with users able to update very impressed that their 2009 hardware can still offer them something new.

A few tips we’ve come across to improve Belle if you’ve updated:

  • turn off java/ecma script to speed up browsing with most sites not needing
  • If you can backup ringtones, some can be lost in the transition to Belle
  • Belle is more visually demanding so stutters more than Anna did when multi-tasking. Be sure to keep tabs on just how many apps you’ve got running in the background.

Have you updated? How are you finding Belle? Do you have any tips and tricks we should add to our list? Share any thoughts and / or feelings in the comments section below.


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