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Nokia Booklet 3G hands-on

We barely finished looking at the Nokia N900 when we bumped into a guy holding the Nokia Booklet 3G. Watch our quick video of it to see how it looks and click on the next page for close up photos.

Compared to other netbooks, the Booklet 3G feels light but it also feels really solid and has a quality finish that in our opinion justifies the slightly higher price tag but we’ll make our minds up when we get one in to review.

It’s relatively thin and boasts a SIM-card slot so that you can access the Internet on the move.

The keyboard is feels nice to type on and the mouse pad isn’t too small.

The Booklet’s battery is removable and according to Nokia offers a 12 hour battery life. We’ll believe that when we see it, of course.

There’s the HDMI port that lets you hook this up to a TV.