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Nokia brags about Ovi App numbers, gets smacked down with maths and Apple iOS equivalent

When Nokia revealed its 2.3m daily Ovi App downloads it wanted you to think, “Wow! That’s a lot more than I thought. 2.3m apps a day? That’s, like, 836.5m per year – nice work, Nokia!”

But Nokia didn’t really think its crowing through. For starters, its 2.3m downloads pales in comparison to, say, Apple’s 17.7m daily iOS app downloads. But that’s no surprise, we all knew that Apple App Store is doing a lot better than Ovi Apps.

Plenty of people have put Nokia in its place with this stat, but it wasn’t enough of a smackdown for asymco, an app production studio cum industry analyst house. In a blog post involving some too-taxing-for-Monday-morning mathematics, technical director Horace Dediu looks at how many downloads this equates to per device and compares it to Apple’s equivalent.

So, let’s break it down:

There are 100m active iOS users globally (Apple’s official total minus 20m to account for upgrades). These 100m users download 17.646m apps per day collectively – which equals 1.24 apps per device per week. (Want to play along? Here’s the equation: (17.646m / 100m) x 7 = 1.23522)

And now Nokia: There are 140m devices in use with access to Ovi Apps. These 140m devices download 2.3m apps per day collectively – which equals 0.12 apps per device per week. (That’s (2.3m / 140m) x 7 = 0.115)

Doesn’t look quite so good for Nokia now, does it? The Finnish company is lucky if each Ovi user downloads a single app in a week and each Apple iOS user downloads ten times more apps than each Nokia App Store user. In the words of kids these days: zing!

[via PocketGamer]


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