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Nokia C3 Touch and Type: A touchscreen with 12 keys

As well as unveiling three big hitters (the E7, C7 and C6) at Nokia World this week, the Finnish phone maker also quietly snuck out the C3 Touch and Type.

The Nokia C3 Touch and Type is a curious combination of old and new: it comes with an old-school 12-key number pad but its 2.4-inch display is also a new-school touchscreen.

It isn’t the first phone to bear the Touch and Type tag – we’ve seen this before with the X3 Touch and Type. But there’s something about the curved metal jacket of the C3 Touch and Type that makes us think this could be a hit.

Despite the 12-key format apparently going the way of the dodo, Nokia seem to think that there are enough people who prefer dialling and texting the old fashioned way while wanting the benefits of that a touchscreen brings (easier web browsing and social networking).

If the Touch and Type format really takes off with the new C3 then Nokia may well have saved an endangered species from extinction.


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