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Nokia C6 leaked: It’s all looking a bit familiar

When Nokia failed to officially announce its flagship C Series at CES and then again at Mobile World Congress, we were a little disappointed.  Disappointment piled on disappointment as we had to make do with just the fairly dreary C5 earlier this month. It’s been a long time coming, so we’re relieved to finally be seeing some C6 action in the form of this leaked render – although it’s not exactly setting our hearts aflutter.

The Nokia C6 looks to be a narrow touchscreen-slider in the style of the N97 Mini, although for some reason it lacks the awesome tilted screen of its predecessor. From the photo we can see a physical Qwerty keyboard that looks spacious but seems rather flush to both the base and the screen-panel – we’re not convinced typing would be massively comfortable. Navigation shouldn’t be too tricky with a Milestone-esque D-pad on the keyboard panel though.

Rumoured specs include 256MB of internal storage and microSD slot, 3G, Bluetooth, Nokia music player and, surprise surprise, social networking integration.

As with all leaks, there’s the question of credibility – but this looks pretty authentic to us. And besides, we can’t imagine anyone bothering to put together fake or concept shots of such an unexciting handset. But if it has got your blood racing then there isn’t long to wait; we should be seeing the C6 Europe-bound this summer.

[via SlashGear]


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