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Nokia changes phone naming system

Earlier we brought you news about the Nokia 500. It now appears this new handset that is bringing a new era into Nokia’s handset naming process

From now on the Finnish company will returns to using numbers instead of letters. The move makes sense. After all, many people have been confused as to the differences between the X7 and  N7? Or how about C1-01, C1-02 and C2-01? Especially when mobile phones have very short life-spans, especially at the lower end of the market.


In future the first number refers to how feature-laden the price is. For example a 900 series is the top of the range and the Nokia 100 is the entry-level phone. The following two numbers are unique identifiers for the phone, so Nokia can now release from 501 up to 599 before they have to recycle any phone names.

The official blog Nokia Conversations has posted the reasons behind this decision. Citing the following:
1: Don’t tell us what to do with our phones – the idea being that while in the past the N Series might signify the powerful, multimedia phone now other phones have features like HD video and faster processors.
2: Hard to compare – Like we mentioned above what is the difference between the E7 and X7? Is X better than E?
3: People are fine with numbers – Slightly patronisingly Nokia puts here ‘People understand the logic behind ‘the bigger the number the number the more you get’ philosophy.

Interestingly, is seems Nokia hasn’t quite created a situation with total clarity: the Nokia 500 phone shares its name with the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation sat nav, although that devices is a few years old.

Source: Nokia Conversations


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