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Nokia custom dictionary is exportable, to the delight of Trekkies

Nokia Beta Labs has just revealed what its crack team of phone developer ninjas have been beavering away on in the Beta Labs: a custom dictionary app.

Take a moment to recover from the entirely underwhelming news that you can now create a custom dictionary for your predictive texting enjoyment. We’re a little concerned, to be honest. Why did something so simple take so long to develop? Predictive text has been around for over a decade at least, and we’re only just now getting a custom dictionary. What’s that about, Nokia?

Nokia owners will be able to enter new words into their custom dictionaries, as well as edit and delete existing entries. Great if you have hilariously-named friends who you fall out with on a regular basis; you can enjoy the satisfaction of deleting them from your custom dictionary as well as your phonebook.

As Sethu M. Pillai from Nokia Beta Labs helpfully explains in the video below, you can export your carefully created dictionary to a friend’s phone, too – so that should come in handy if you’re creating a secret language or if you and your pals are Klingon-speaking Trekkies. Of course, it’ll be useful when you get a new Nokia handset too but we like the idea of a secret language far more.

The application is fully functional on the Nokia E71, Nokia E63, Nokia 5800, and Nokia X6 handsets but as the app is still in beta, there are minor issues on Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia E72, Nokia E75, Nokia E55, and Nokia E52.


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