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Nokia’s DC-18 portable charger is cute and colourful

Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly choosing to seal batteries into their phones, removing the possibility of swapping in a fully charged replacement to get you through the day. The alternative is often to put on a bulky and expensive battery case, but you could always carry around a portable charger that will top up your phone. Nokia is the latest manufacturer to offer such a charger, and it cleverly falls in line with the company’s visual aesthetics.

The DC-18 battery bank is a 1,720mAh portable charger that should give your phone a big power boost, even if it doesn’t fully recharge it. Normally portable battery packs are ugly and bulky, but Nokia is offering up an attractive alternative that comes in a range of colours. Just like the Lumia and Asha range, the charger is available in white, blue, red, and yellow, with the large battery icon indicating the remaining capacity.

It’s a small and light package too, with the DC-18 measuring 57mm by 57mm by 14.9mm and weighing just 65 grams. The retractable cable also means that you won’t have to fumble around carrying a spare, and the use of microUSB ensures that it’s compatible with a huge range of phones.

There’s no word on exactly what the charger costs, but Nokia’s larger capacity battery pack, the DC-16, is priced at £20.99. Expect the DC-18 to be around the same price, if not cheaper. Availability hasn’t been confirmed just yet, however, so you’ll have to wait and see if Nokia is bringing the power bank to the UK.

Update: A Nokia employee says that the estimated cost of the charger is €15 (around £12.70), and that it should be released sometime in June or July.

[spotted at SlashGear/The Verge]


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