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Nokia E55: Mini messenger goes on sale

Staying connected is a concept that’s becoming more important these days and usually means receiving work emails at midnight. Enter the Nokia E55, which allows you stay in touch with those important contacts when you are about to nod off.

It’s a compact phone that Nokia is heralding as its smallest messaging device to date and looking at pictures of the E55 it is hard to disagree. Nokia has managed to cram in a Qwerty keypad and a 2.4-inch screen into a diminutive frame. The keypad also doubles up as a standard numeric keypad for easy dialling.

A fast internet connection is made possible via 3G and HSDPA, so you’ll be able to sneak on to Facebook at speed when you should be preparing for that 11 o’clock meeting. The E55 also has Nokia maps and assisted GPS with an integrated three month license for turn-by-turn navigation — no more missing vital appointments because you’re lost.

Other features include N-Gage, so you can kill some time on the train by playing the latest games and a 3.2 megapixel camera, which is fairly unremarkable these days but it does the job. All in all the E55 promises to be quite a useful bit of kit so we are quite excited to see that it is now available from the Nokia shop, SIM free for £299.


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