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Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 announced: The first two Symbian Anna phones

Hot on the heels of Nokia’s Symbian Anna fanfare are the official announcements of the Nokia E6 and X7 phones.

The Nokia E6 is a business phone that comes with a physical Qwerty keypad and a polished glass and steel design. Like the C3 and X3 Touch & Types, the Nokia E6 is one of those hybrid touchscreen-with-keys type phones; it has a 2.46-inch VGA-res touchscreen as well as a full Qwerty.

Other specs of the E6 include a beefy 8-megapixel camera bolstered by a dual LED flash and a sizeable 8GB of storage, upgradeable to 32GB via microSD.

The Nokia X7, which we’ve heard a little bit about already, is more of a gaming/entertainment phone. Gameloft’s Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD come pre-loaded on the X7 so you’ve got something to play with out of the box, as well as access to other titles via the Ovi Store.

That big 4-inch AMOLED screen has a Gorilla Glass coating giving it an extra layer of durability.

The 8-megapixel camera (again, with dual LED flash) records HD video (720p at 25fps) and the memory can be bulked out to 32GB should you need more space. An 8GB card is bundled as standard, and useable interal memory weighs in at 350MB.

Both of these phones are the first two to ship with Symbian Anna – Nokia’s new-look version of the Symbian OS.

We wonder if Nokia can turn things around with Anna. What we’ve seen so far certainly looks impressive and a step in the right direction. We won’t know for sure until we get our hands on some review units and see for ourselves.


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