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Nokia E6: What’s in the box?

Along with the Anna-tastic X7 comes the Nokia E6 – the other phone to come running with Symbian Anna out of the box. The grown-up business phone to the X7’s entertainment/gaming machine, the E6 comes, as you can see, with a full Qwerty keyboard. So even thought it comes running with Symbian Anna, there’s no need for that lovely portrait Qwerty to be enabled – it’s already got a physical one of its own.

Jokes about portrait Qwertys aside, the Nokia E6 features a redrawn and rethought Symbian that we’ve seen on the X7. This allows for easier web browsing as well as some nicer-looking app icons.

JoikuSpot Premium comes built-in, which allows you to turn the E6 into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, similar to how you can on most Android phones and iDevices running iOS 4.3.

There’s also a big 8-megapixel camera on the back as well as a front-facing VGA camera for videocalls and blurry self-portraits. Before we crack on with our full review, have a gander at these quick hands-on shots we’ve snapped to see the E6 up close and see what else you get in the box.

Both the microSD (top) and the micro USB (right) are protected by dust covers that pop out, same as with the Nokia X7. We like the little SIM tray that’s held in to place by the battery as well. The back cover is made from a single sheet of metal that clips into place with a reassuring snap.

Another look at those dust-proof connection covers on the Nokia E6. Though not as streamlined or cool-looking as the ones on the X7, they’re easier to open.

A close up of that full four-row Qwerty, keyboard fans.

The main camera unit there on the top which also houses an external speaker next to the dual LED flash. Next to the microSD dust cover is the 3.5mm jack and the power button.

On the other side there’s two controls for volume and a screen lock slider. The control in the middle of the volume buttons activates voice actions when held down for a couple of seconds.

The charger connector at the bottom of the Nokia E6 with a clip for lanyards, if you’re that way inclined.

We had a quick play around with the camera and were pleased to see the regular Nokia camera settings. We’re looking forwards to taking some pictures with this.

The Nokia E6 is pretty quick to switch between the main and front-facing cameras; a simple tap of the menu option and you’re done.

The music player app of the Nokia E6 in action. Looks a little familiar don’t you think?

The supplied headphones are fairly comfy and come with some foam earbuds. The central control just features a mute button though; chances are you’ll probably want to use your own.

So the supplied headphones are white, the USB wire is white, but the mains adapter is black? Come on Nokia it’s called colour co-ordination. Just kidding; we really don’t mind what colour our chargers are.


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