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Nokia E7: What’s in the box

We’ve got our box-opening mitts on Nokia’s E7, a long-awaited Symbian-powered smartphone very much taking styles cues from the Nokia N8.

Compared to the N8, it comes with a slightly bigger screen- four inches across, and there’s a few other hardware changes, such as an eight-megapixel camera, and most obviously, a slide-out hard-key keyboard- and it’s a very satisfying slider.

Nokia’s E7 has an AMOLED display with Nokia’s ‘Clear Black’ technology which promises better visibility in direct sunlight and bright light.

The E7 also has Nokia’s F-Secure anti-theft protection built-in. This means you can locate and remotely lock and/or wipe your data fingerprints if it goes missing or is stolen.

The Nokia E7 will be available in a range of colours including dark grey, silver, green, blue and orange. It’s taken a while, but now we’ve got our hands on a silver model, let’s see what else comes with the handset. Click on for all the out-of-box goodness.

From left to right; The E7, micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, microUSB to USB cable (female), microUSB to USB (male), headphones and music control head-set, in-ear buds, AC adaptor.

Size comparison with £1 coin and our Oyster card. The keyboard adds a little to the heft of the phone, but that’s the keyboard adding on the grams.

The headphone/music control comes with extra in-ear buds, in different sizes for different ear-holes.

Three very similar cables come with the E7; two microUSB to USB cables with differing regular-sized USB connections, one can be extended with an extra USB cable.

The cable in the middle is the HDMI cable, which puts into the top of the phone, and then a HDMi cable can connect between the adapter and your device.

With the time we’ve spent with the keyboard so far, it’s responsive and the buttons are perfectly sized for tapping out longer emails.

The keyboard automatically slides out to this laptop-esque angle. The sliding mechanism is addictive, though sometimes the phone has almost jumped out of our hands as we’ve tried to get to the keyboard.

Here, we’ve compared the profile of the E7 to it’s N8 brother, and the iPhone 4.

Understandably, that slide-out keyboard has added to the thickness of the E7- it’s also noticeably heavier than the N8.

The E7’s screen is noticeably brighter than the N8, and stands up well against the iPhone 4.

On the top edge, you’ll find a 3mm headphone socket, the on switch, a mini-HDMI socket, and the microUSB connection.

On the back, an eight-megapixel shooter with dual-LED flash. The camera is also capable of recording HD video.

On the right edge, the camera button, a volumer rocker- not to be confused with the lock side, which looks similar but is found on the other side of the phone- and the SIM-card slot.


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