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Nokia E75 Review


The Nokia E75 is a compact business phone with neat metallic details on the casing and a slide out Qwerty keypad. We think the E75 is one of the most impressive looking E-series handsets to date.

What we like
The E75’s full Qwerty keypad could have been bigger but it works well and you can always switch to the standard keypad if you get annoyed with it. Nokia has sensibly included a separate key for the ‘@’ symbol on the Qwerty keypad, rather than you having to hold shift and press another button or enter a separate menu for symbols.

Deleting whole lines of text all at once is done in the same way as you’d do it on a PC; you hold down the shift key and move the cursor left to right using the five-way directional key. You can also cut and copy and paste in the same way; Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. Keypad shortcuts may seem like a small thing but they make a big difference.

We like that the slide mechanism feels reassuringly robust and the phone smoothly auto-rotates the screen to match the orientation of the handset. GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA (3.5G) also tickled our phone bone and had us navigating around using Google Maps Mobile and browsing the Web using Opera Mini, which we downloaded ourselves.

What we don’t like
Keys on the numeric pad (not the Qwerty keypad) are made from a thin, shiny plastic which isn’t nice to the touch. Overall it doesn’t feel as refined as the Nokia E71 and isn’t a giant leap forward. While it offers plenty of features it’s an iterative upgrade to older E-series phones and not a phone that will necessarily wow you.

The Nokia E75 is a solid phone that delivers a good typing experience and enough features to keep you on the go at work. The dual keypad system works well and we enjoyed being able to go from using a standard keypad to a Qwerty. Our only niggle with the E75 is that it’s a bit boring and doesn’t take things in a particularly new direction.




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