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Nokia EOS rumour round-up

Canon’s popular camera range aside, we’ve been hearing the EOS name a lot recently, but in this instance we’re taking about the mysterious Nokia EOS smartphone. This long talked about secret Windows Phone flagship is anticipated to set a new president in the world of mobile photography, just as the Nokia 808 PureView turned heads at Mobile World Congress last year.

Nokia EOS 1

Nokia EOS rumour round-up: Hardware

Although the Finnish company has naturally kept schtum on this one, we’d initially heard reports of an approximate description of the phone’s design, but just yesterday we came across not one, but three fresh sources detailing various levels of assembly, including high resolution photos and specs.

The EOS is set to fuse the true imaging power of PureView tech with the Windows Phone brand that Nokia has adopted as its primary OS. Just as with the 808 PureView, we’ve already learnt that the EOS (currently codenamed ‘Elvis’ destined for AT&T in the US) is set to offer up a new 41-megapixel sensor that will use all the same sampling tricks as before, with the addition of the Lumia 920’s mechanical image stabilisation tech to help create even better shots.

Nokia EOS 3

Chinese site has proven to be the most forthcoming with leaked imagery of the EOS. Production shots showing the phone’s polycarbonate body in both red and yellow reveal a huge circular camera hump on the back, rounded corners much like the Nokia Lumia 920 and ports for things like a centrally located headphone jack.

Nokia EOS 4

Although these leaks were enticing in their own right, both GSMArena and WPCentral picked up photos of what appeared to be a fully assembled EOS in bright sunlight, a rare stroke of luck in the fog of rumourville. Whilst GSMArena’s photos were handed directly to the site from an anonymous tipster, WPCentral found the photos of the EOS out on the grass from a newly created anonymous Twitter feed named @ViziLeaks.

The shots showcase a completed camera unit that appears to feature both a xenon flash for still images and an LED video light in tandem. Interestingly, whilst the PureView name can also be made out, the resolution is still marked at ‘XX’, perhaps suggesting the 41-megapixel sensor isn’t set in stone.

Nokia EOS 2

WPCentral also had a few other specs to go along with these tasty snaps, such as a 1280×768 HD OLED display, 32GB of inbuilt storage with no expandability an FM radio with flip-to-mute functionality and a polycarbonate shell around a device that’s just 9.7mm thick.

Nokia EOS rumour round-up: Software

While we’ve clearly been treated to a bit of a blow out when it comes to hardware, we know a lot less regarding the unique software features the Nokia EOS will posses. Amidst the potential specs provided by WPCentral was the entry ‘Nokia Pro Camera’ – an app which is said to be able to utilise the imaging chops on offer from the EOS.

The app is said to offer 11x zoom capability, anti-shake, manual focus, face detection and self timer options as stated by KnowYourMobile.

It’s also expected that the EOS will run a newly updated version of Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone 8.1?) to coincide with the Windows Blue update headed to Windows 8 tablets, laptops and PCs.

Nokia EOS rumour round-up: Launch

We don’t yet have any form of official confirmation on the availability of the Nokia EOS, but sites like MobileGeeks apparently received word from an anonymous tipster that an event may take place around July 9th. We’ll have to wait until then to see how on the mark all this information truly is, but for now we remain sceptical.


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