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Nokia GEM concept: A touchscreen that wraps around the whole phone, does away with physical buttons

Who doesn’t love a bit of concept art? This latest (ahem) gem is the Nokia GEM, a touchscreen phone that’s all touchscreen; back front and sides.

Seemingly doing away with physical buttons entirely, the Nokia GEM instead allows you to grab app and function icons and shortcuts from anywhere on the phone’s body and sling them towards a front screen area.

Taking pictures on the camera also allows you to fullscreen images so that the phone effectively blends in to the background, something which we attempted to do for real with an iPhone 4 last year.

The GEM name comes from it’s multi-faceted look, which could allow you to zoom in for close up map information on one side and zoom out for a more detailed overhead view on the other.

The video below and the concept piece above has been developed in celebration of the Nokia Research Center’s 25th anniversary. The NRC is an international venture that actually has multiple locations across the world, including a lab in Cambridge, here in the UK.

As works of concept art go it’s up there with Samsung’s foldable AMOLED screens and Kristian Ulrich Larsen’s Flip Phone (aka the Tobler-phone). It puts our own Nokia Ovi Orion efforts to shame as well.

Source: Nokia Conversations


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