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Photos: Nokia’s Finnish HQ or Bond villain lair?

Nokia’s HQ is a bit too cool and we’re convinced that it’s actually run by a Bond villain. Even the carpark escalator is cool.

The carpark features sensors that let you know if there’s a free space by flashing green — and shoots out lasers if you park badly. OK, we made the last bit up, but it might.

The main building is made of metal and glass and looks out on to incredible views, which you’ll see later. Seriously, this is pure Bond villain architecture.

Each building is connected by glass walkways. Evil glass walkways. Mwahahahaha.

Snow. Think about it. Evil.

Is this a bunch of flowers or is it an experimental lab? We don’t know.

These discs sit above the reception area and reflect light, and maybe lasers, back into the room.

Come on, give us a break. This is a pure Bond villain entrance. Superb.

Those might be decorative sails or they might be part of an escape craft. Again, we don’t know.

Only a Bond villain would install more than one spiral staircase in a building and this is the second one we’ve seen.

This path leads around to the back of the main building. It’s not Bond villain-like at all.

See those glass cases housing Vertu phones. Think about it. What Bond film doesn’t have something in a glass case?

Here it is. The fantastic view at the back of Nokia HQ and a great place to hide a submarine.

This is a multi-tiered walkway that links two of the main buildings. Henchmen need space, that’s all we’re saying.

Look at it. If this isn’t pure Bond villain evilness then we don’t know what is.

Who else but a Bond villain would need a helipad?!

Every Bond villain knows that you need somewhere to store all your henchmen’s coats.

What you don’t realise is that behind this curved wall is a laser.

It seems that henchmen suffer from seasonal affective disorder, so they need as much light as possible.

Is that an N-Gage we see? Who else but an evil Bond villain would make such a device?

During an attack from enemy forces Bond villain henchmen must be equipped with cutting edge technology.

Henchmen school. This is a lecture on how to be evil. OK, fair enough it’s not that evil. It’s just a room full of international journalists listening to a presentation.


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