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Nokia in 2011: Dual-core phones, better Symbian UI and optical zoom on phones?

Will 2011 be Nokia’s year? As well as the coming of Meego and the much-hyped Nokia N9, ComputerWorld is reporting that Nokia is planning up to five Symbian UI updates, dual-core phones and something that sounds a lot like it could be a cameraphone with optical zoom.

Speaking at the 2010 Internation Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, Nokia Senior Manager Gunther Kottzieper indicated that a Symbian update in the early months of 2011 includes over 50 features. Symbian^3 users may be excited to hear that one of these is an update to the browser.

Later in the year, the company will be introducing “a new look and feel for the user interface, a more flexible home screen, an updatable HTML5 browser and an easier software update experience.”

Welcome to where you should have been three years ago, Nokia.

When it comes to hardware, Q2 or 3 should see the release of 1GHz and dual-core phones, as well as a handset with a “true zoom camera” – presumably this is an optical zoom type affair.

All sounds quite interesting. But then again, so did the N8 ’til we got it in our hands. We await any concrete hard- or software progress with bated breath.

[via Engadget]


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