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Nokia Kinetic concept phone stands and delivers

Now here’s a handset concept that would do Adam and the Ants proud; the Nokia Kinetic which stands up to deliver your messages and calls. Stand and deliver. Get it? Oh, never mind.

Designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins, the Kinetic concept gradually stands to a vertical position to let you know visually that your phone is ringing or that you have a new text message. It would work using an electromagnet in the rather chunky base of the handset; this shifts the balance of the handset so that it gradually rises or lowers itself. If you don’t want to answer, you’d just tap it to reject the call.

It’s a nice idea for when the handset is resting on a table, but could be a little embarrassing in the pocket. Because of that chunky base, obviously.

[Jeremy Innes-Hopkins via SlashGear, The Nokia Blog]


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