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Nokia Kinetic Display shows us the future is flexible

Another month has passed and we’re still not living in the future: there’s still no sign of those flying cars, or any hint that we’re sliding into a dystopian society. Truly disappointing.

Lucky for us Nokia have a firm head on their shoulders, and were showing off a brief glimpse of the world of tomorrow at Nokia World on Wednesday.

So what exactly are we going to be doing with our phones? Bending them. Nokia are trying to look beyond the traditional touch and voice controls and developed the “Nokia Kinetic Device”, a bendable display that controls movement and functionality on the device. Let’s say you want to zoom out of your current activity, you simply bend the simply forward, and voila.

It’s only in the prototype stage right now, and Nokia are being coy about whether or not we can expect to see this in any retail products, but a few years down the line this is potentially how we could be controlling our phones and tablets.

The idea itself is amazing, although we can’t help but think there might be that mental barrier of not wanting to physically bend a phone for fear of breaking it. Or perhaps we’ll just have to unlearn what we’ve learned so far.

Check out the video below for a demo of the Kinetic Device in action.


Source: Pocket-Lint, YouTube